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March 2022 – Taking your Power Back

LATEST Inspirations:

I cannot believe it is March already and we have just passed a New moon on the 2nd. This New Moon in Pisces is high in creative and spiritual energy. It is a good time to reconnect with ourselves and take our power back! When I talk about power, I mean that internal power that is within our self, within our body. It's about strengthening that central energy that is the Solar plexus, situated just below the navel. That is where we define our boundaries, where our spiritual warrior and strength are situated.

The Manipura Chakra is also where most of the digestion process happens. In addition, and as we are coming up towards the spring equinox, there is a natural detoxification occurring in the liver area that also needs good support.

Regaining the sovereignty of our body and our truth is not an easy task!

What can we do to support it?

- Strengthening our core muscles: exercising daily to strengthen the stomach muscle with Pilates or HIT training. It's really about acquiring the sensations of engaging muscles in that area.

- Staying hydrated, eating a clean, green diet, including fermented food and drinks as well as juicing with celery, cucumber, spinach and an apple will help in the cleansing process.

- Taking a course of Milk Thistle drops for 3 months will support the liver throughout the detoxification period

- Rebalancing our Third Chakra or Solar Plexus with some Kundalini Yoga to awaken the inner fire. This chakra rules and empowers the whole digestive system. Also, most of the cords we have from others (our energetic and emotional link to other people) are attached to the Third Chakra. When it is overactive, we tend to be overly critical, stubborn, judgmental, aggressive, and prone to anger. If underactive, we may experience lack of confidence, low self-esteem, indecisive, helplessness and lack of purpose.

- A daily 10-minute Meditation to rewire the negative beliefs we've built up throughout our lives.

I am very excited to be able to expand more on the subjects of the digestive system, fermentation and third chakra kundalini healing in this workshop at Coed Hills (near Cowbridge) on Tuesday 15.03.2022.

I will be sharing this workshop with the lovely Alison who is an expert in Kundalini Yoga and Sound Baths.

My mantra for this month is:

I am strong, powerful, and confident.


> Cabbages are in full season and it's great time to use them raw in coleslaws with carrots and microgreens or make a lovely sauerkraut. We have some of the best producers in South Wales Paul's organic and the Microgreengrocer!

> Another great detoxifier and magnesium boosting plant are nettles. The young leaves will start to appear so you can pick them, clean them and make a tea by boiling them for 15 minutes, chilling for 2 hours and then drinking.

NEW WORKSHOP Coming up in March:

  • Awaken the Power within: a workshop on fermented food and drinks, gut health and chakra healing on digestion.

  • March 15.03.22 - 6.30pm to 10.00pm at Coed Hill (Saint Hilary)

Happy Spring Equinox

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