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ABOUT absorb

Absorb was founded in July 2017, just as I qualified as a Naturopath with the School of Naturopathic Nutrition and was mastering the art of fermenting water kefir. Inspired by the five elements of Chinese medicine I developed the flavours, matching the fruits, flowers and herbs to the colours of the five elements: metal, water, wood, fire and earth.


Absorb's core values incorporate: integrity, authenticity and health - Absorb is an independent small batch producer of Sauer kraut and water kefir, but also provides support on maintaining a healthy gut, learning and running one to one sessions on naturopathic nutrition. We want to awaken our customer to new horizons regarding their body and health and make you understand that optimum absorption is a whole body and mind connection!

The reason why we called the business, Absorb "feed your health", is really because originally we wanted to cover an array of products and services enabling customers to help with optimal and efficient absorption of nutrients: on one side the Naturopathy and workshops cover the areas of understanding one's uniqueness of our body, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and gut microbiome as the center of health and providing a range of fermented foods and drinks as well as teaching how to make it. Feeding your health meaning providing nutritious foods and environment to your body and looking after your gut like if it was a coral reef!

We are here to help people understand how our environment, lifestyle and what we eat (biodiversity) can impact on the micro biodiversity within us and how it can affect our digestion, immunity, mental health, and weight.



I have been living in Cardiff for over twenty years working in logistics and economics. But about a decade into the new millennium I felt there was something else, some other purpose, that was calling me. Whether it comes from a family rooted to the land in Normandy, I have somehow always drawn inspiration from nature and our connections to it, and most importantly home-grown and home-made food traditions. I came to realise that good physical and mental health are my most prized possessions. Maintaining the health of both mind and body is surely the most important thing in all our lives? I wanted to understand my own body better following skin condition issues and a recurring bladder infection and decided to take a qualification in Naturopathic Nutrition at the School of Naturopathic Nutrition in Cardiff. 

By practicing the things I learned on the course on myself, I was able to improve both my health and my stamina; as a keen runner I was now able to increase my times in half-marathons for example. During a fermentation session, I discovered how to make water kefir, a sparkling natural probiotic drink, which my family and friends began to enjoy on a regular basis. This was the start of Absorb and my fascination with gut health! I now love sharing my knowledge with others and helping and guiding people on their journey to better health. Through my water kefir and sauerkraut, my holistic naturopathic assessments and follow-ups, workshops and talks  I want to "help you achieve the best of health".

I'd like to share my knowledge of how nutrition and nature can heal when the body is supported both naturally and carefully.

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