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Naturopathy is way more than just a nutritional therapy, it's a holistic view, a way of caring for your health that focuses on the natural healing powers of the body and mind. 

After filling in a pre-questionnaire, your full case history is explored from head to toe; including family and health history, past and present diet and lifestyle.


After a 90-minute consultation, a tailored programme is devised to meet your needs and your lifestyle.


If needed, follow-up sessions can help to unwind the condition that may currently be bringing you discomfort or making you unwell; small and gradual steps to cleanse the body and change the habits that may have contributed to compromising your health. Guided adjustments may be necessary along the way - we are all unique and can respond differently to the gentle changes that naturopathic remedies provide.

If you would like to discuss a naturopathic consultation please contact me using the form below.


Nutritional Health

Nutritional health assessment and follow ups.


Water Kefir
& Sauerkraut

My home-made

Water Kefir & Sauerkraut


Want to improve your health?

Nutritional health,

gut microbiota and

fermented foods.

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