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June 2024 – Love and Grief

May has been an emotionally difficult month as we lost Patricia (Pat), the beloved mother of my partner, known fondly as Mumble (adopted from her love of the Mumbles). Even though ageing and death are stages of the cycle of life, it always comes as a shock when it happens. Emotions of sadness and worry well up for the close ones that are left behind. It also reminds us just how fragile life is and how mortal we all are, whatever our background and roots. I like following the talks of Sahdguru around the idea of death and mortality. Originally, I wanted to call this month’s newsletter: ‘Mortality’ and reflect on the idea of being grateful for every moment I am alive. But as time passed and I was trying to stand and support those closest affected by this sad event, I found myself on the day before the new moon, wondering how I was dealing with it all. I began to watch a series about grief on the Calm app. In particular, I came across this meditation (link) for grief as an extraordinary Love. 

It is very much again about self-compassion and the Rain practice tool I talked about last month. First you recognise and feel the sensations of both the emotions of grief (this can be in the form of a tightness in the chest or lower back pain for example) and love. Then you unearth the deeper emotions like fear, solitude, sadness, anger, guilt. And then wrap the grief emotion with love while at that same time giving yourself a hug. There is a feeling of the emotions embracing and gently fading away, creating space for you to find peace in yourself and allow those emotions to serenely dissolve away.

My partner, Alan, found great comfort in some words said to him by his friend Adrian : “the pain we feel is an expression of the love we feel”.

Emotions can also get heightened as we approach the solstice and the summer season, which is the Fire element in Chinese medicine. It is the season of the heart and circulation, so working on opening the heart is helpful. Our body will naturally release emotions, possibly showing itself in a physical way if we haven’t done some work already in this area. Allowing yourself to retreat can really help; finding healing in sound, cacao ceremonies or nature can be so useful.


I want to dedicate this month to the lovely Elderflower. It has so many great properties and tastes so lush! It is currently a great time to pick the flowers to make Elderflower champagne, syrup or add to your water kefir! Please see a great recipe for elderflower champagne. Becky at Only Love Kitchen suggested this Elderflower Syrup recipe from a friend's grandmother. It is very simple, and you can experiment, using the ratios to make other cordials like raspberry or elderberry, or add other flavours to the elderflower like thyme or rosemary. You can use the cordials to make shrubs (sweet and tangy concoctions) by adding cider vinegar or add to cake mixtures for that delicate elderflower flavour. It makes for a lovely gift too - enjoy! 


Ingredients (Makes around 4 litres of cordial)

60 elderflower flowers

4 litres of water

Juice of 2 lemons

20g of citric acid* - if preserving / if not needed for keep in fridge up to 5 days 

1.5kg of sugar



~Pick the flowers on a dry day.

~Rinse the flowers (or shake to rid of bugs) and soak in water for around 24 hrs.

~Strain the elderflower over a cloth and add the soaked elderflower water to a pan with the sugar and lemon juice cook on the hob until the sugar dissolves.

~Wait for the mixture to cool a little and then add the citric acid if you’re using it.

~Bottle the mixture. 


Elderflower is also amazing during hay fever season combined with nettle and mullein: if you forage these 3 plants, make sure they are well washed, then infuse them over boiling water and sip throughout the day – and on a daily basis during hay fever season.


My mantras for this month:  

I am love and I am connected to universal life

I trust the universe.


My partner also wanted me to include this amazing message he saw printed on the back of a car as he was driving around Cardiff a few weeks ago, which was:

‘Everybody you meet has challenges you know nothing about. Be kind… Always.’




> Festival Season is coming up:


Coed Ffest (June 21st to 23rd): I will be running a workshop on Fermented foods on the Saturday 4pm and Fermented drinks on the Sunday 4pm.


> South Wales Fermentation Revolution:

The WhatsApp group for fans of fermentation is growing with more fermenters being added at each market and event I attend. If you are keen to learn and up for sharing your fermenting experiences, text me your phone number and you'll soon be on the journey with us! (07515493402) You will need to be based in the area of South to West Wales.


 > Talks to Spread the Health: We want to share our knowledge with more people and want ferments to be accessible to ALL! If you know of any people, groups or places who want to know more about fermentation, please get in touch. We can offer talks, demos and workshops, and run tasting sessions of water kefir and sauerkraut. Here is a little feel for it!


  > Bridge Studio News: Our 2nd production container is now in full swing. We have been catching up particularly on Sauerkraut and have a great new part-time employee, Lavinia, who is helping us to make our sauerkraut and prepping our bottles for production.


 > Website links and references: Our website has been updated and a page with links to authors, books and podcasts that we like has been added! Check it out!


> Accessories: Absorb Glasses and T- Shirts: our colourful T-shirts and stylish drinking glasses are still available to order on-line or buy at markets.


> Drinking Water Kefir for better health: If you want to drink our Water Kefir regularly to support your health journey, there are 2 money-saving options available:

  • Join our subscription scheme by filling in this document and emailing it back to us at ( *.

  • Learn how to make it yourself! We can sell you some grains, give you a receipt and teach you all you need to know!


*We deliver all around Cardiff and surrounding area - and further afield (see below).


> Grouped Deliveries outside of Cardiff: We have 2 separate delivery runs each month that go east of Cardiff one week and west of Cardiff on the other. Please get in touch if you live in the areas detailed below and want a Water Kefir delivery:


  • Gower, Mumbles, Swansea, Swansea Valleys to Ystradgynlais: Next runs are Thurs 13.06/ 11.07

  • Newport, Monmouthshire and Bristol: Thurs 27.06/ 25.07


WORKSHOPS and TALKS on Fermentation and Digestive Health:


We have a few workshops where you'll be making your own sauerkraut:



Please check my calendar for the latest updates on which markets I'll be attending in the next couple of months and links to workshops (some will be updated later)!



Our seasonal Rhubarb and Red Fruits has been a great success at Cowbridge Food Festival and it is now available at markets!

Do your bit for the environment and remember to return your empty bottles and sauerkraut jars - reusing is much better than recycling!


Happy Summer Solstice season! Thank you for following Absorb!

Looking for Absorb products?

Local markets and where to collect, check out my calendar:

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