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May 2024 – Self Compassion


April has been non-stop for us since we returned from our holiday in Sri Lanka; things have felt at high speed as we've been desperately trying to catch up and replenish some stock! But we feel so blessed to be living at a time where suddenly - and finally - the gut seems to have become the centre of good health! Hopefully we will see some massive changes in how people take responsibility for their own health.


I'd like to strongly recommend this well written and very entertaining documentary Hack Your Health. It illustrates, in a beautifully simple way, what happens to our gut throughout our lives. Let's hope it will encourage many people across the world to think about what they have been consuming in the last couple of decades, in particular the introduction of ultra-processed foods and the rejection of wholefoods, that may be causing so many unexplained and increased illnesses that GPs and hospitals can no longer control. Please share the link to 'Hack Your Health' with as many families, teachers and orthodox healthcare professionals as possible!


For me, the theme of self compassion came up during a well-being session hosted by my part-time employer. The importance of 'resilience' was highlighted, particularly in the working environment. Resilience to not getting dragged into the day-to-day stresses, being aware of our surroundings and triggers... and pausing before reacting to anything. But without any self compassion it is very difficult to be either resilient or forgiving.


I have been listening to the work of Tara Brach and have been finding her practice of Radical Compassion very useful to apply as a tool to work on my own resilience and forgiveness, as well as listening to Dr Chatterjee's podcast on forgiveness.


The Rain practice will help to attune yourself to your heart rather than your head and 'to live from the inside out': Recognise, Allow, Investigate and Nurture are the steps and practice to help you find self compassion and an inner love for simply being you. It's a practice using mindfulness and meditation to create the space for a path towards self compassion.


I have also recently been reflecting on our existing world and how it has been preventing our societies in acting from a point of self compassion, by creating fear and divide in our world and therefore war. This documentary from Graeme Mcqueen, a true peace activist, filmed 6 months before his passing in 2023, is really worth watching and sharing amongst the people so they can understand how manipulated we are being and led to believe our politicians are doing the right things...certainly not to serve us or not to lead us into self compassion! May you take time to watch it.


This month's path to a lovely meal is an uplifting recipe from Becky at Only Love Kitchen made with Romesco Sauce; a Catalan sauce of tomatoes, garlic, and nuts, traditionally made by fishermen in the province of Tarragona: Whole Roasted Cauliflower with Romesco Sauce. I hope you enjoy it!


My mantras for this month:  

I embrace every moment

I am comfortable in my own skin




> Festival Season is coming up:

 We have a few festivals coming up where Laure will also be talking about fermentation!

Coed Ffest (June)

sadly, we have decided not to be at the Blue Lagoon festival this year due to logistics and timing issues.



> South Wales Fermentation Revolution:

The WhatsApp group for fans of fermentation is growing with more fermenters being added at each market and event I attend. If you are keen to learn and up for sharing your fermenting experiences, text me your phone number and you'll soon be on the journey with us! (07515493402) You will need to be based in the area of South to West Wales.


 > Talks to Spread the Health: We want to share our knowledge with more people and want ferments to be accessible to ALL! If you know of any people, groups or places who want to know more about fermentation, please get in touch. We can offer talks, demos and workshops, and run tasting sessions of water kefir and sauerkraut. Here is a little feel for it!


  > Bridge Studio News: Our 2nd production container is now in full swing. After a very busy month catching up, we are finally starting to use the area to hold more stock for our shops and events!


 > Website links and references: Our website has been updated and a page with links to authors, books and podcasts that we like has been added! Check it out!


> Accessories: Absorb Glasses and T- Shirts: our colourful T-shirts and stylish drinking glasses are still available to order on-line or buy at markets.


> Drinking Water Kefir for better health: If you want to drink our Water Kefir regularly to support your health journey, there are 2 money-saving options available:

  • Join our subscription scheme by filling in this document and emailing it back to us at ( *.

  • Learn how to make it yourself! We can sell you some grains, give you a receipt and teach you all you need to know!


*We deliver all around Cardiff and surrounding area - and further afield (see below).


> Grouped Deliveries outside of Cardiff: We have 2 separate delivery runs each month that go east of Cardiff one week and west of Cardiff on the other. Please get in touch if you live in the areas detailed below and want a Water Kefir delivery:


  • Gower, Mumbles, Swansea, Swansea Valleys to Ystradgynlais: Next runs are Thurs 9.05/ 13.06

  • Newport, Monmouthshire and Bristol: Thurs 30.05/ 27.06


WORKSHOPS and TALKS on Fermentation and Digestive Health:


We have a couple of workshops coming up in May and June


Please check my calendar for the latest updates on which markets I'll be attending in the next couple of months and links to workshops (some will be updated later)!



We love our Lemongrass, Lime, Nettle and Spirulina. You can use it for your Mojitos (virgin if you want) adding fresh mint and lime juice!

We will have our seasonal Rhubarb and Red Fruits for the Cowbridge food festival!

Do your bit for the environment and remember to return your empty bottles and sauerkraut jars - reusing is much better than recycling!


Happy Spring season! Thank you for following Absorb!

Looking for Absorb products?

Local markets and where to collect, check out my calendar:

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