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Sept 2021 – Letting go

How was your Summer? For me, this Summer felt like I was reconnecting with myself, with the earth; grounding with camping experience, outdoors and wild swimming and bonding with true friends. There was peace, surrender and joy! A real time for the Earth season.

That energy made me feel stronger, more connected to myself and my own truth.

This month, I accept the situation and rise above, letting go of the emotions that come up, trusting the universe and what it will bring! Meditation is so useful to get into that state, feeling the energy behind the navel, I have also experienced gong baths and these are so good for deep relaxation!

The late summer season until the equinox on 21st of September corresponds to the element of Earth and it represents the core of the body, balance and neutrality. It governs the Stomach and Spleen (and Pancreas) and rules our digestive vitality. When it is in balance we are able to nourish ourselves and those around us in a supportive manner. We give and receive appropriately. It also gives us strong muscles, vibrant energy and the ability to think and study clearly.

Yellow, Orange and brown foods are many of the Earth nourishing foods, have a warm and inviting tones and round shapes. Think of the flesh of squashes, yellow courgettes and tomatoes, sweet potatoes and carrots, mangoes and pineapple and whole grains like millet. Make sure these foods are abundant in your diet to bring in the benefits of the element. These foods are also high in Vitamin A (beta Caroten) and will support skin, eyes and immunity in our bodies.

After the 21st we will be going into the Metal element of the Chinese medicine which is about the gut, skin, and mind. So it is really time to look after those intestines for the sake of our brain. Fermented foods and drinks are great to reintroduce during this time and cleansing the colon with green juices! Eating white fruit and vegetables are also good in that season like cauliflower, fennel, cabbage (fermented even better!), parsnips and pears.

Extra magnesium is also a good thing to take over this period. Foods high in magnesium are nettles, almonds, seeds, green leaves, dark chocolate and oats.

My favourite vegetables this month are French beans, they are tasty lightly steamed then tossed in garlic and butter!

Pears are starting to appear now and I love poaching them in a bit of red wine, sugar and spices!

- For 1 litre of liquid I use 100gr of coconut sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, star anise, cardamom pods - Peel the pear and cut in quarters, poach for 30 mins, then remove when soft and let the juice thicken. Pour over the pears and eat with vanilla or coconut yogurt!

My motto for this month is:

I surrender to what is.

I am grateful for everyday.

I am!


We are running new workshops on fermentation. One ran on 17.07 and was very successful, keep an eye out for dates this month!

Progress: Metal caps are now introduced in shops and arriving at markets this month!

Looking for Absorb products?

Local markets and where to collect, check out my calendar:

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