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January 2024 – Find your Centre

Inspirations: Here we are now in 2024 and it feels that 2023 flew by. I was so looking forward to a nice break after a challenging few weeks fulfilling all our subscriptions and getting stock into the shops before we went to France. Coming back after the festive season is always a little tough and in early January I always seem to experience one day where dark shadows cloak my thoughts to create some kind of purging. I suddenly need a warm bath and a whole day's sleep to get myself ready to face the New Year. It's a cycle that my body seems to need, like a little rebirth from the old to the new.


It can be quite easy - and in many ways it's completely understandable - that we can get upset and distracted by the cruel events that happen around the world. Finding your centre in these moments is crucial for your well-being and your ability to spread the love. But how do you do this? Firstly it requires a self-awareness, so you are able to notice when you may be getting dragged into polarity, division and conflict. Once detected you have a choice to change your state of mind. Aim to create a calm space in your mind by clearing your thoughts. It can be as simple as sticking your bare feet on the earth, walking into nature, a cold dip in the sea or a nearby river, gaze at a candle, shut your eyes and breathe into your heart. Whichever you choose, just for a few minutes concentrate on your breath as your centre. It can be quite surprising once you have found that sense of peace, how open you become to face changes, to find the strength to take action. This is how as a collective we need to function, not through fear and control but through love and the organic flow of life, spreading the love however small it is. I loved listening to Pam Gregory's video on the first New moon on 11th of January and Lee Harris Energy forecast for this month. Also for those struggling with their mental health, I would highly recommend this video from Doctor Chatterjee. He reminds us that life must not be taken for granted and gives us some great tools to enjoy life more and be of service to humanity, however little it is!


After 10 days in France, I found the onset of darkness hit me even harder with the sun going down an hour earlier. For many, this lack of light can be hard to cope with... but it is of course part of the flow of life, like a seed needs to be in the darkness of the ground to start its new life.


It's a time to cherish soups made of root vegetables and mushrooms - (we found lots of chanterelles in France - high in vitamin D and beta glucan to boost the immune system), as well as a warming porridge in the morning (I prefer mine with buckwheat or quinoa flakes and lots of seeds, nuts, dried goji and mulberries and some cacao nibs!). Not to forget the purple vegetables (like red cabbage and beetroots) and dark red skin fruits (like blueberries and elderberries) so high in polyphenols to boost the immune system.


Following the 30 days yoga challenge with Adriene is also helping me find my centre through this month. It is gentle and sweet (I love her dog, Benji) and has a different approach to yoga that any beginner can try!

Also if you like to move that body, the Imbolc celebration will be early February and Coed Hills are hosting another ecstatic dance there, which I will not miss this time!


I hope you find your centre, be at harmony with yourself and feel at peace.


This month, we have a lovely recipe from Becky: Kimchi and Turnip pancake. I'm keener than ever to try it as I never know what to do with the old turnips hanging around in my fridge!! It is also simple and great to boost your immune system in the winter, and may be, motivate you to have a go at making kimchi! I had both kimchi and kraut around the table at Christmas and all the French crowd really enjoyed having a bit on the side of their heavy and rich foods!


My mantra for this month 

I am the creator of my reality

I am at peace with myself




> South Wales Fermentation Revolution:

The WhatsApp group for fans of fermentation is growing with more fermenters being added at each market and event I attend. If you are keen to learn and up for sharing your fermenting experiences, text me your phone number and you'll soon be on the journey with us! (07515493402).


 > Talks to Spread the Health: We want to share our knowledge with more people and want ferments to be accessible to ALL! We'll be running more talks throughout the year and the first is in January at Insole Court, Llandaff, Cardiff. If you know of any people or places who want to know more about fermentation, please get in touch. We can offer talks, demos and workshops, and run tasting sessions of water kefir and sauerkraut.


  > Bridge Studio News: Great news as we are expanding to a second container this month at the studios! Finally, we will have more space to store stock and maybe invest in some extra useful equipment!


 > Website links and references: We are in the process of updating our website and have added a page with links to authors, books and podcasts that we like! Check it out!


> Accessories: Absorb Glasses and T- Shirts: our lovely T-shirts and glasses are still available to order on line or buy at markets.


> Drinking Water Kefir for better health: If you want to drink our Water Kefir regularly to support your health journey, there are 2 money-saving options available:

  • Join our subscription scheme by filling in this document and emailing it back to us at ( *.

  • Learn how to make it yourself! We can sell you some grains, give you a receipt and teach you all you need to know!


*We deliver all around Cardiff and surrounding area - and further afield (see below).


> Grouped Deliveries outside of Cardiff: We have 2 separate delivery runs each month that go east of Cardiff one week and west of Cardiff on the other. Please get in touch if you live in the areas detailed below and want a Water Kefir delivery:


  • Gower, Mumbles, Swansea, Swansea Valleys to Ystradgynlais: Next runs are Tues 09.01/ 06.02

  • Newport, Monmouthshire and Bristol: Thurs 25.01/ 26.02


WORKSHOPS and TALKS on Fermentation and Digestive Health:



Please check my calendar for the latest updates on which markets I'll be attending in the next couple of months and links to workshops (some will be updated later)!



Our immune boosting Elderberry and Hibiscus is so velvety (dare I say like a Burgundy wine!) and will hopefully make your dry January feel so much easier!! Full of polyphenols to help you fight those winter bugs!

Do your bit for the environment and remember to return your empty bottles and sauerkraut jars - reusing is much better than recycling!

Bonne Annee 2024! Thank you for following Absorb!

Looking for Absorb products?

Local markets and where to collect, check out my calendar:

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