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October 2022 – Balance and Focus


Here we are, already in Autumn. I hope you enjoyed the equinox and the new moon in Libra - all on the same weekend! This season is about reviewing and letting go of what no longer fulfils your needs, particularly in the areas of relationships and business. It's a time to make space for new connections that are more aligned with your own values, therefore making you feel more balanced. When you listen to your heart, you can really 'feel' and intuitively make the right choices for yourself.

To be focused, you need to have clarity and be able to hold your concentration for a while, as well as have optimal cognitive function. It is very much about the brain. We know about the link between the gut and the brain, so the cleaner your gut is, the clearer and more focused your brain will be.

I still find it perplexing to see that a potential solution for clearing and cure Alzheimer's is in the form of a (mass produced) pill made by big pharma when in fact, this disease is all about diet and lifestyle! Why can't we start educating people, banning and taxing foods that damage our health and society? Have a look at Patrick Holford's New Manifesto to fight the terrible disease that is Alzheimer's. He is joining forces with some of the best scientists in their field to show and educate people into how we can prevent this epidemic before it is too late! This is where the resources need to go and not in investing in big pharma (to make the rich a bit more richer). Anyone can take the test to see where they stand with their cognitive function. Please have a go, it's free! And spread the word!

In October, which is the metal element in Chinese medicine, related to the gut, the lungs, the brain and the skin, try and avoid gluten and wheat products, drink more green juices; made with celery, fennel, spinach, parsley and apple... see if you find yourself reenergised. It's a great time to consume white foods: cauliflower, cabbages, parsnips, well as fermented foods and drinks!

  • Boost yourself with some extra Magnesium (150mg twice a day) and start a course of Vitamin D (3000ui in spray form) as the days start to get shorter. It will enhance sleep, mood, gut and brain health.

  • Lower sugar intake to just a couple of fruits a day and take extra vitamin C (1000mg twice a day) and cinnamon to level up your blood sugars.

  • Reduce stress with meditation, yoga and relaxation techniques.

  • Try intermittent fasting 2 to 3 times a week, that is not eating in a window of 14 to 16 hours (usually from 8pm until 11am the next day). This will give your digestive system a break.

  • Drinking the juice of half a lemon or a table spoon of apple cider vinegar with warm water will help you kick off your metabolism first thing in the morning.

  • Exercising for 20 minutes in the morning is also very good to control weight gain and sluggishness. Alternating strength, cardio training and sprinting can be very efficient!

  • Wake up with positive affirmations and go to bed reminding yourself of 3 things you are grateful for.

My mantra for this month is:

The divine is in me an

I speak from my heart


> Workshops: we are looking to hold more workshops on Saturdays, and new dates for November will be announced in a separate communication. Keep an eye on my workshop page

> Grouped deliveries outside of Cardiff - For you to know we have 2 separate grouped deliveries a month, get in touch if you want a Kefir delivery and live in these areas!

  • Swansea area up to Ystradgwynlais: second Wednesday of the month

  • Bristol: fourth Wednesday of the month

Our next festival will be Newport Food Festival on Saturday 08.10.22 and we will also be at the South Wales Wellness show at the Great Hall in Cardiff University on Sunday 16.10.22, if you are looking for a more spiritual event. I hope you can come along to either... or both of these wonderful events!

Happy Metal Season!

Looking for Absorb products?

Local markets and where to collect, check out my calendar:


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