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May 2021 – LUCK OR MAGIC?

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

The French like to say "en mai, fais ce qu'il te plait!", "in May, do what you want!" and this is usually linked to the weather, i.e in may, it should start to feel warm enough for you to wear light clothes and not catch a cold as opposed to April.

As I am sending this newsletter a little late in the month, I still can't feel that warmth in the weather quite yet...let's hope it will come very soon!

Reflecting on the current situation, in that in May, it does feel that some kind of normality is coming back, and the hope that we can finally have our freedom back. Well, I really pray this is the case and that most importantly, we can carry on being free to make our own choices.

May is also when the French like to offer Lilly of the Valley, "un brin de muguet" for chance! It's interesting though as we could ask ourselves: is there such a thing as luck? or is it rather a force, an energy that we can, deep inside, attract and manifest?

I really love this flower as it reminds me of my grand-mother as she, on the 1st of May, always used to give me and my cousins a little bouquet, that she would have picked from her own garden. I love the scent of this flower and I also discovered that, like foxglove, its medicinal properties are to improve the blood flow and therefore can be used in heart failure!

These are the wonders of life and nature!

Nature is a constant source of magical moments. When we cherish such occurrences, we condition ourselves to take note of them when they happen and appreciate the value they add to our lives.

Spring feels it has not yet quite kicked in, but we need to keep implementing those detox habits with plenty of hydration, juicing, sprouting and greens.

Nettles are starting to come out and making a concoction to cleanse our blood is great at this time of year. It's known to clear gout and supports the adrenals. It's also really high in nutrients like magnesium and very anti inflammatory.

It is best to gather nettles with rubber gloves and pick the young leaves, wash and then pour over boiling water in a pan, cover and leave overnight. You can drink the water throughout the day and do this for a few days or, for a more potent version, you can blend the leaves with the water and drink the juice. Why not try a nettle soup or gaspacho?

My motto for this month is:

I am grounded and calm.

I am balanced and whole.

I connect to life with joy.

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