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The Full Moon in Virgo last weekend brings support in finding the balance between getting things done and resting - allowing the systems of the body to have a break!

It is possible to feel both excited and inspired by working and getting things done but also allowing ourselves the rest and relaxation needed to refill the creative and spiritual wells.

If you didn't get around to doing something last month, the feeling of spring this month may inspire you to get back on it and you may find yourself filled with productive energy, working diligently towards your goals!

BUT don't forget it's always important to be kind to yourself, taking time out to rest, so you can be more productive in the long run.

Some great tools to keep the balance right are:

  • Meditation and breathing

Allowing 10 minutes a day for meditation is a great way to stay balanced. Drop into stillness and find a few moments of peace each day.

I recently learned about box breathing sessions that really help to calm the mind: Breathe in for a count count of 4, hold the breath for 4, breath out for a count of 4 and hold the breath again for 4. Try this for 5 minutes when you feel stressed or overwhelmed to see if it helps.

  • Plant based diet

This month we want to bring in the plant energy of fruits and vegetables into the life force to feel balanced but also to start cleansing ourselves. So this is a great time to seek out colorful plant-based health-giving recipes and to reduce the consumption of animal based products.

Try juicing with celery, lemon, parsley, spinach and use avocado in a smoothie to kick start your day; it's a great way to cleanse and prepare yourself for the spring season when the body will start detoxing naturally. Spirulina, wheatgrass are also great to introduce this month.

  • Stay close to nature and investigate natural remedies

Connect with the natural, simple, biodynamic rhythms of the Earth. Notice the changes in season, spend time with animals and in your garden and get as much fresh air as possible.

Use essentil oils, like Lavender, to help restore balance. Discover flower essences, naturopathy and homeopathy to help with ailments.

My motto for this month is:




As we head towards the equinox we need to take care of our liver!

Reducing fats and taking a course of milk thistle is a great way to support the detoxing phase.

My new Water Kefir for spring will be available in the 3rd week of March, infused with Lemongrass, Lime and Spirulina.

Before that - and back due popular demand - my special Cacao, Rose and Chilli Water Kefir will be available for 2 weeks - and just in time for Mothers day too!

Have a happy balanced month!

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