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June 2022 – Revive your Fire


Have you been feeling really tired recently and struggling with motivation?

Also possibly finding it challenging to get your messages across clearly with your loved ones, friends, work colleagues?

Have you noticed strange things happening around you, little accidents, loosing things or a light memory of where you have placed things?

Not to worry! it could be linked to Mercury going retrograde on the 10th of May. It is known to have strong effects on our emotions and therefore it is not the right time to make strong decision.

You should start feeling lighter, clearer and more energised when it comes off on the 3rd of June!

I have been reading the blogs from one of my favourite supplement company, Conella Holdings, of which the founder, Barbara Wren, is our Master in our naturopathic nutrition foundations. This article about reducing tiredness and fatigue is particularly worth a read as it highlights how important an alkaline diet is to help cleanse our system regain energy.

As we approach the Summer Solstice on 21st of June and the Fire season, it is a good time to add a bit of spice and red vegetables and fruits in our diets:

- Chilli and peppers are great ingredients to add to revive this fire energy and I will be experimenting myself on fermented Sriracha and kimchi this month.

- Red fruits like cherries and strawberries can also be consumed. They are great as a snack and their glycaemic load is very low.

- Cacao is high in magnesium and known to warm up the heart. I love adding raw cacao powder or liquor to my favourite plant based milk (oat or almond), with maca, cardamom and carob power. It's also great with turmeric and cayenne pepper.

This month, we are running 2 exciting workshops in partnership with an expert in foraging and yoga, Kim from Earth Mata:

- the first workshop, in Cardiff, is focused on Foraging and Fermentation where we combine fermentation with what nature provides in the wild.

- the second workshop, in this special space near Cowbridge, Coed Hills, will celebrate Summer, the Fire element, and look after our hearts through Fermentation and Yoga.

My mantra for this month is:

I love and respect myself and others

I am at peace with my decisions


> Our collective stall with Amanda at the Microgreengrocer and Chris at Welshdragonchilli is still going well. We are running the Riverside Food Market every Sunday and Pontcanna. Roath market is once a month and Greenlife events in Bone yard from time to time. Please check our calendar.

> Peppermint is highly available in all gardens at the moment, I recently discovered a chocolate mint variety which is very tasty! So it's time to use it, see my lovely recipe for Virgin mojito on the blog. As a carminative it is so good to relieve indigestion and bloating but also migraine and headaches. I like to make a tea with fresh leaves or use essentials oils either neat on the temples for headaches or in a diffuser. Peppermint may help improve concentration, freshen your breath and improve allergy symptoms and clogged airways.

Happy Fire Season!

Looking for Absorb products?

Local markets and where to collect, check out my calendar:

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