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July 2022 – Celebrate

Updated: Jul 4, 2022


Here we are now in full Summer season.

The Solstice was so powerful and it really felt like huge waves of emotions were released, letting go of ALL that has passed.

We often get stuck to the learned behaviour of our past by over-looking, or even ignoring, the painful patterns that keep repeating themselves.

It's time to listen to the adventurous energy of our heart and soul and embrace the idea of change.

To recognise and accept the shadows of the past can then become a healthy and positive self awareness towards uncovering the true you.

Since the Solstice, I personally felt the lifting of a huge weight as I let go of baggage from the past connected to my ego, and now I want to live in the moment with confidence and power, and step out of my comfort zone with pride and strength...moving on and celebrating what has been achieved.

In June I was fortunate enough to enjoy two memorable experiences:

- the In It Together festival, where a group of us created a little retreat in the middle of a brand new festival. As you can imagine this was somewhat challenging as people, having been locked down for so long, were desperate to party! But it was still a great time for making connections with people who really want to help others and awaken some to a different way of living...even if it is only a handful!

- The festival of fermentation in North Pembrokeshire (organised by the Land Workers Alliance), where my fermentation inspiration: Sandor Katz was headlining and presenting his new book, Fermentation Journeys from around the world. The event and location was such a wonderful place to be, surrounded by nature and people who love the idea of fermenting, learning and sharing skills. I didn't think I could talk about water kefir for 1.5 hours but I did it with no trouble at all and I'm delighted to say that the feedback was very positive.

This has led me to want to share more with families, small groups and communities as it filled me with confidence; in not just being able to do a workshop for this duration but also in the ability to do it in an engaging and entertaining manner!

So I have planned 3 small workshops this summer purely on fermentation and nutrition tips around digestion and gut health.

I hope you can join me on one of them!

Love, Joy and Celebration are the symbols of summer - the Fire energy. So it’s important to look after our hearts, connecting fully with what we love doing, finding that space of joy, appreciating those little things around us that make us feel happy!

Meditation (tuning into the heart chakra), breathing exercises, yoga and a good diet are so important in finding that space.

Red and Spicy foods and drinks are important at this time, enjoying berries for extra antioxidants, but also watermelon, beetroot and foods that open up the heart chakra, like cacao.

My mantra for this month is:

I celebrate who I am and what I am now


> Did you know that, July 2017 is when Absorb was officially created. Yes! 5 years already and another good excuse to celebrate! There will be a few surprises throughout July and I hope some of you will enjoy!

> Our collective stall with Amanda at the Microgreengrocer and Chris at Welshdragonchilli is currently running at Riverside Food Market every Sunday, Roath Market once a month and at Greenlife events in Boneyard from time to time. Please check our calendar.

Happy Fire Season!

Looking for Absorb products?

Local markets and where to collect, check out my calendar:


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