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January 2021 – Try a dry one!

After the festive season, our bodies naturally feel like they need a cleanse, it is a good time to take something that is inflammatory to our bodies out of our diets to support the detox and challenging ouselves to see the effects.

It can be stopping eating chocolate or meat, but a great one is also taking alcohol out for a whole month. Keeping a diary to see what is happening with our energies and moods over this period is a great thing to do!

Connecting with what we drink, being aware that our bodies are 60% water and need that good hydration to decrease inflammation and increase metabolism.

This is my motto for this month:

I cleanse and hydrate my body with purity to the best of my ability.

I am grounded and in tune with nature.

I trust my body.

I will repeat this from last month but, for me, fermented foods and drinks are the link to that connection to nature, as we assimilate a variety of healthy bacteria coming from nature; we populate our internal microbiome for an improved state of being not just nutritionally but also on a vibrational level, like a coral reef. So do introduce Water kefir and kombucha in your daily routine, as a way to help you decrease or stop your alcohol intake and increase your hydration.

It is still very dark in January, but it is nice to think that the days are starting to lengthen again and to notice little signs of spring in the ground with snow drops and crocuses showing up. Winter is that time of maintaining hydration high, so if you don’t like the idea of cold water go for herbal teas and lukewarm water. Supporting your bladder and kidneys is also crucial at this time, applying a hot water bottle on those areas can be very soothing and warming.

We often feel cold in our extremities over this period and this can be due to a lack of iodine in our body. Iodine regulates our thyroid gland and therefore our body temperature, so to boost your iodine levels:

  • plan a few trips to the sea,

  • take good sea salt, unrefined or pink Himalayan salts,

  • seaweed is also a great way to boost those levels, kelp is widely available but I have discovered recently a great product called Seamoss Gel, it is very smooth and so rich in minerals and omega 3, great for the gut ling and boosting immunity I can highly recommend it as it is also very affordable!

It is also a season of purple and blue colors. Introducing those purple colored veg like Purple potatoes and sweet potatoes, purple carrots and kale, black/ wild rice, red cabbage are great for this season, purple veg mean they contain a higher level of antioxidants, which boosts our immunity! Elderberry, Hibiscus and Juniper berry are all dark red berries and flowers that I will be using this month in my flavor of the month!

Vitamin D and good sleep are also really important this month to ensure you remain in a positive frame of mind. Skin brushing before your shower, hot and cold showers and tapping your thymus gland (around the heart area) are also great to boost immunity and stimulate the lymphatic system!

I really hope these tips can help you see through this month and see the light!

Bonne Annee 2021!

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