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July 2020 - Listen to your heart!

It now feeIs like life is getting back to normal at least traffic wise, shops are reopening as well our lovely local markets, bringing in these great veg, cherries and red berries!

I am hoping that people have learnt and taken time to reconnect with themselves and nature in these difficult times. Shopping locally and ethically is, I hope, a lesson learnt but also learning to love and accept ourselves, particularly when we are locked down. The feelings of being alone can creep up and if we do not have a good relationship with ourselves, that is where it can become difficult and we get feelings of anxiety coming up.

Trusting, loving, impressing yourself is so crucial to a healthy mental state. If we can treat ourselves kindly, how can we treat others with love?

Love and Joy are the symbols of summer, the Fire energy. So it’s important to look after our hearts connecting fully with what we love doing, finding that space of joy, appreciating those little things around us that make us feel happy!

Meditation (tuning into the heart chakra), breathing, yoga and a good diet are so important to finding that space.

Check out my 5 top tips on gut health in this interview I made in June with my friend Tina:


These have now restarted:

- Roath Real Food Market – 2nd Saturday of the month: 11.07.20 and 08.08.20

- Cowbridge Farmer’s Market - 1st Saturday of the month: 04.07.20 and 01.08.20

Local deliveries are still available:

Flavour of the month is now a detoxifying, heart soothing and energy boosting pink combination of Rhubarb, Rose and Hibiscus!

Monthly subscriptions:

You can also pay a Monthly subscription and receive your monthly supply of 2 times 3 bottles, please inbox me for more details:

Please also check for naturopathic nutrition coaching to add on top of your water kefir subscription, it’s a great way to improve your lifestyle for a better health long term, you will need to have a Naturopathic Nutrition assessment before starting it though.

EVENTS/ Workshops/ Recipes:

Read my latest recipes of cakes with veg

I will be updating this page regularly, please keep checking!

Where to get ABSORB KEFIR:

- You can add kefir to your Blaencamel Veg box!!

- You can add kefir to your MADE Veg box too in Roath

- Kind Earth, Llanelli

If you think of places or have contacts of places I could work with or stock up please do let me know! I can also work with nutritionists, therapists to complement their practice too.

Please write a review on Google?


  • Please check the page below, there is a £5 off from any package for any new customer!

  • Contact me if you are looking for a good supplier or a naturopath

Remember fear is the opposite of light and love!


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