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January Newsletter - Happy new Year

Hope you are all enjoying the festive season and still try to avoid excess, particularly alcohol, rich fatty foods and sugar as they deplete the absorption of good nutrients in the body. It is challenging because of all these temptations around us, but think of the impact on your health in the long run!

January is a great time to have a break from all these: give up what does not serve us and set new resolutions for the year. Even small ones will be fine! Last year I did veganuary and ended up never eating a single piece of meat…just naturally my body did not want it any longer. This year I am going for no alcohol, starting this evening New Year’s Eve! What a challenge for a French lady…but the Water kefir will help me I am sure!! Let’s see what happens. I also challenge myself never to be late again…!! Find 5 things that no longer serve you, leave them in 2019, forgive yourself and move on to new positive intentions for 2020.

Good news, the days are starting to get longer again, even if it feels dark and slow, the days will get lighter soon! We have now changed to the Winter season and still we need to watch our moods and energy levels and keep the hydration, vitamin D levels, magnesium and fresh air up! It’s a time were things do slow down and it’s fine to let things go and to pace ourselves with less expectations. Sleep is crucial as well as having more comforting foods like soups, stews and root veg!

The Water element in the Chinese medicine corresponds to the winter season; this is a time when we forget to stay hydrated because we feel cold. Water kefir is a great drink to keep our hydration on the menu! Bladder and kidney issues tend to arise because of the lack of hydration in our bodies. It is also a season of purple and blue colors. Introducing those purple colored veg like Purple potatoes and sweet potatoes, purple carrots and kale, black/ wild rice are great for this season, purple veg mean they contain a higher level of antioxidants, which boost our immunity!

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