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September 2020 - CLARITY

Sometimes mental things we hold can stop us from seeing clearly like:

- Projecting our own insecurities on to others

- Desperately holding on to our plans

- Holding on to our past

- Self-limiting beliefs

- Need for constant validation

- Fear of uncertainty

However, have you also wondered about the physical side? How the state of your gut can impact on your mental clarity?

After this lockdown, many of us have overconsumed alcohol, coffee, high carb diets, gluten…this has a huge impact on the levels of acidity and inflammation of our gut. It can mess up the balance of our gut flora and bringing symptoms of brain fog and confusion, lack of concentration and focus, fatigue.

As we are heading towards the Equinox on 21st and the change to the autumn season into the Metal element of the Chinese medicine, it is a great time to look after our guts, do a good colon cleanse by drinking green juices, having enemas or colonic irrigation.

Eating white fruit and vegetables are also good in that season like cauliflower, fennel, cabbage (fermented even better!), parsnips and pears.

Extra magnesium is also a good thing to take over this period. Foods high in magnesium are nettles, almonds, seeds, green leaves, dark chocolate and oats.

Inhaling rosemary essential oil is also great to help with clarity and focus.

LOCAL MARKETS in the next two months:

- Roath Real Food Market – 2nd Saturday of the month: 12.09 moved to 26.09/ 10.10

- Cowbridge Farmer’s Market – 1st and 3rd Sat of the month 19.09/ 03.10/17.10

- Rhiwbina – Friday 25.09

Local deliveries are still available:

Flavour of the month will not be available for a while due to time restrictions in the next couple of months.

Monthly subscriptions:

You can also pay a monthly subscription and receive your monthly supply of 2 times 3 bottles, please inbox me for more details:

Please also check for naturopathic nutrition coaching to add on top of your water kefir subscription, it’s a great way to improve your lifestyle for a better health long term, you will need to have a Naturopathic Nutrition assessment before starting it though.

EVENTS/ Workshops/ Recipes

Read my latest recipes of cakes with veg

I will be updating this page regularly, please keep checking!

Where to get ABSORB KEFIR:

- You can add kefir to your Blaencamel Veg box!!

- Kind Earth, Llanelli

- Iechyd da, Whitchurch are stocking up too! You can pre-order big bottles

- You can now have a shot of kefir at Eartha (ex Milgi) on City Road


Contact me if you are looking for a good supplier or a naturopath

Do not fear!

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