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October 2020 – Letting GO!

Autumn is already under way! I love this time of year and especially the mix of colors as the leaves turn all shades of red, orange, and yellow and the root veg and cabbages come to be widely available on the market stalls.

This month is also very special as it has 2 full moons, which point strongly to the themes of clearing, releasing, cleansing and purging as October gets going.

At this time, keeping our frequency high, raising our vibrations and turning towards the light is very important so we are not entangled into the tensions and dramas of the outside life.

There are always positive things waiting ahead for us, so despite any strong emotions, dramatic events or complicated feelings that you experience during this time, know that they are making themselves known to you in order for you to let them go, to cleanse and release them.

What else can you do to channel the best of this Full Moon Energy?

Be aligned with the best version of yourself.

Channel your confidence and empower yourself.

Decide where you might want to be more adventurous in your own life.

Push your limits a little: where can you afford to step out of your box a little?

Meditation, breathing, exercising in nature will really help this month! Letting go of that toxicity at all levels is very important and cleansing our colon to help flush out that toxicity and bring up the light.

A colon cleanse is ideal at this time, I can recommend the Blessed Herbs Colon cleanse for an 8 or 9 days cleanse.

Start taking a Vitamin D supplement combined with vitamin K is best!

I also recommend topping up with fermented foods and drinks and as cabbage is becoming available again, here is a recipe of the sauerkraut, it is so easy to make and will make your tummy so happy!

Have a wonderful October!

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