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November 2020 – Letting GO!

While most of us no longer depend directly on nature's seasons for our livelihood, our bodies' clocks still know deep down that a change of season means a change in us too. Being in touch with those natural rhythms keeps us stay grounded and at peace with ourselves. The chill in the air tells us it is time to move inside and prepare for the future. As our energies are shifting, we are naturally going for slowing down, changing our wardrobes to warmer clothes, awakening our inner fires with warm drinks and comfort foods like soups and stews from root vegetables like pumpkins, parsnips and squashes.

By acknowledging and celebrating this natural rhythm of change, we allow ourselves  to go with the flow and not fight against it.

Here are a few tools you can use by taking care of the day and being in the moment.

It can be useful to take 20 minutes every morning before you start your day:

  • Trust that everything will be allright, surrender and visualize your day in advance: with positive images, smiles, love, visualize and feel how you would like your day to go and use this feeling through the day to remind you.

  • Ground yourself with breath, movement, perhaps a 10 minutes yoga flow and affirmations like “Here I am” “I am enough” “Peace begins with me

  • Run a mindful body scan, noticing any tensions in any areas and sending breath and healing

And remember to be kind to yourself! Have lovely November!



This month, I will be joining the lovely community of businesses at The Bridge Studios and I am so excited!!!

….Absorb is featuring in:

Welshdrinkschristmas: a platform that gathers all independent drinks producers in Wales! There will be live events and competitions, lauching next week!

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