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Nov 2021 – Go with the flow

As October is over now and the dark months are coming in, watch your moods and energy and keep the hydration, vitamin D levels, magnesium and fresh air up!

November is always a hard month to go through as we are still in the Metal season, looking after our guts, lungs, skin and mind is important.

Sleep is crucial and as our energies are shifting, we are naturally going for slowing down, changing our wardrobes to warmer clothes, awakening our inner fires with warm drinks and comfort foods like soups and stews from root vegetables like pumpkins, parsnips and squashes

By acknowledging and celebrating this natural rhythm of change, we allow ourselves to go with the flow, not fight against it.

Here are a few tools you can use by taking care of the day and being in the moment. Take 20 minutes every morning before you start your day:

  • Trust that everything will be all right, surrender and visualize your day in advance: with positive images, love. Feel how you would like your day to go use this feeling through the day to remind you.

  • Ground yourself with breath, movement, perhaps a 10 minutes yoga flow and positive affirmations

  • Run a mindful body scan, noticing any tensions in any areas and sending breath and healing

We find a lot of greens at the moment at the market like celery and fennel, these are great for juicing and cleansing those colons that really need support in this metal season. Add lemon, parsley and an apple to sweeten it..

Fermented products are a great and natural way to support both gut and brain. Why not learn to make sauerkraut? there are plenty of cabbages around!

Listen to this BBC 4 podcast about the gut and your health! it is so interesting.

Cooking apples are still in season and we the Halloween celebrations I remembered how I loved eating the "beignets aux pommes" (apple doughnuts) that my mum used to make around that season served with a sprinkle of sugar. It was so lush! I may have a go at making them as a treat!

My motto for this month is:

Here I am

I am enough

Peace begins with me

Looking for Absorb products?

Local markets and where to collect, check out my calendar:

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