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Newsletter December 2019

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Dear all,

As the days are getting shorter until the equinox on 21st of December, we still need to watch your moods and energy levels and keep the hydration, vitamin D levels, magnesium and fresh air up! It’s a time were things do slow down and it’s fine to let things go and to pace ourselves with less expectations. Sleep is crucial as well as having more comforting foods like soups, stews and root veg!

The Water element in the Chinese medicine corresponds to the winter season; this is a time when we forget to stay hydrated because we feel cold. Water kefir is a great drink to keep our hydration on the menu! Bladder and kidney issues tend to arise because of the lack of hydration in our bodies. It is also a season of purple and blue colors. Introducing those purple colored veg like Purple potatoes and sweet potatoes, purple carrots and kale, black/ wild rice are great for this season, purple veg mean they contain a higher level of antioxidants, which boosts our immunity!



Here is an update of where I will be in the next couple of months:


Come and find me at one of the markets to get some natural probiotics into you with kefir, raw kraut, sea salt from the Vendee (France) and Sesame salt (Gomazio)

Roath Real Food Market (Mackintosh place) – 9.30AM until 1.30 PM

Saturday 21st December/ 11th January/ 8th February

Riverside Real Food Market - 10 AM until 2PM

15th December/ 19th January/ 16th February

Flavour of the month is switching this week to a festive one for Christmas Orange, Cranberry and star Anise, a refreshing and spiced flavor to help digest those rich Christmas meals!

Then in January I will switch to the immune booster combination of Elderberry, Hibiscus and Juniper!!

Special Christmas Hamper bag £10: A great little Christmas present idea to introduce friends and family to fermented foods, I call it: a Happy Tummy Hamper bag or a Hang Over cure Hamper bag


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NB: pickups can be made at my house (Roath Lake) or Bridgend

You can also pay a monthly subscription and receive your monthly supply of 2 times 3 bottles for £20 as long as I can get your empty bottles back

EVENTS/ Workshops

· Saturday 30th of November – Winter Soul Holistic and Wellbeing Christmas Fayre, 11am- 4pm Cathays Community Center

· Sunday 8th of December – The Welsh Vegan Winter Fair, 10.30 am- 4pm, Cardiff City Hall

· Wednesday 18th of December – Shop Indie, 6 pm- 9pm, Wild Thing, Grangetown

Workshops have been a success; they are so informative, inspirational with lots of tips and tasting on fermenting and pickling!

· Tuesday 3rd of December A mini workshop on Gut-Brain health Fermented Foods 6.30pm until 8.30pm: Cathays Community Center/ Assembly Cafe

· Tuesday 21st of January A mini workshop on Immunity and Fermented Foods 6.30pm until 8.30pm: Cathays Community Center/ Assembly Cafe

Let me know if you want to register for the workshops, you can now book via the website as soon as it’s up and running or pay by Bacs transfer. Please book ahead as spaces are limited! These will be on FB and the website this month.

ABSORB KEFIR is now available in the following Shops/ delis/ cafes/ Veg box:

- Beanfreaks St Mary Street, Canton and Albany!

- Jo’s Organic Penarth

- Kind Earth, Llanelli

- Blue Honey…special cocktails made for you!

- Snails Deli in Rhiwbina

- The Naked Vegan Cardiff Indoor Market

- You can now add kefir to your Blaencamel Veg box on a Monday delivery!!

If you think of places or have contacts of places I could work with or stock up please do let me know! I can also work with nutritionists, therapists to complement their practice too

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