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Lacto-Fermented Vegetables

It is so easy to get old veg or any overstock to not get wasted via fermentation, and it is so tasty as you can use it as a healthy pickle to go with any of your dishes.

All you need is salt and water. Dissolve 30gr in 1 litre of boiling water and leave it to cool down (make sure it is cold before you use it other wise it will make your veg go soft!)

Cut your veg in chunks. I like to cube carrots, beetroots. You can also use cauliflower florets or slices of leeks. Cucumbers and courgettes can also be lacto-fermented, cut lengthways as for mushrooms it's good to boil them for 5 minutes, rinse them and let them cool down before using.

you can also use green tomatoes or gooseberries! Just fill up a jar with one sort or a mix!

It can be nice to add flavours to your ferments, like peppercorns, fenugreek, juniper or either fresh or dried herbs like rosemary, sage, chives or even bits of ginger or garlic will enhance your ferments.

Once you have layered your vegetables and flavours, top up with the cooled brine, make sure all veg is covered by the salty water - you can push them down with a glass cup or some kind of weigh then lock the jar. You can also add kefir water or miso with the brine for extra ferments and flavours. Use your imagination and just try!

Leave in the back of your cupboard for a good 10 days to two weeks. Check the flavours it should taste vinegary and will be ready to consume. you can leave in cupboard for a bit longer or put in the fridge.


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