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June 2023 – Connections and Coherence


Ever since we got back from our lovely visit to Sicily everything seems to have gone up a gear! its been a month since our return and it has flown by.

We have been blessed recently with interest in our Water Kefir and Sauerkrauts from Forage Farm Shop & Kitchen in Cowbridge and Pugh's Garden Village in Radyr, as well as more customers joining our monthly subscription service. We have been very busy but the joy we experience from knowing that more and more people are taking an interest in their own health - and enjoying and benefitting from our kefir and kraut along the way - is truly wonderful.

We also recently attended The Cowbridge Food and Drink Festival and The Blue Lagoon Festival. We enjoyed them both for many different reasons and it was a real treat serving and sharing our water kefir from barrels and seeing so much interest in the drink.

I feel water kefir and all fermented foods and drinks very much remind us of our connection with nature... that must never be lost! Fermented foods and drinks have such a potent healing power and all exist because of miracles of nature.

I have been listening to astrologer Pam Gregory who talks about the idea that every "thing" starts with a thought. If we can be the observer of these thoughts, we can make choices that are more connected to our heart and intuition. We can decide not to react to these thoughts and remain at peace and flow with the energies. She actually explains that as the planets are moving into air signs, we are starting to look again with new eyes towards a different way of living; both in our individual lives and our part in the natural world as a whole. If we can align with our own hearts we can see the path to what is best for us all. This is what Coherence means to me, things fitting together in a natural way. As the new moon sets on the 18th of June (5.38am), it could be your time to think differently and set your intentions for the next cycle!

  • mindfulness and meditation are amazing tools to help you become that observer: running a daily 10 minute body scan, concentrating on your breath and emptying all thoughts from the mind is a great thing! Why not start with this little book?

  • Grounding is also another great way to energise and connect with yourself; walking on grass bare foot, swimming in cold water.

I have always loved the idea of a cold soup, the common gazpacho tends to be made with tomatoes and cucumber which are not quite in season. But the idea of a green gazpacho with peas and lots of fresh herbs really appeals to me as it is easy to find frozen peas which are packed full of protein. It can be stored for a few days and is really easy to grab for a quick lunch. I like to sprinkle some crumbly cheese on top. As I'm still under the Sicilian culinary spell, I added some pistachios to this recipe: pea gazpacho.

My mantra for this month:

I chose love

I am at peace with my choices


> South Wales Fermentation Revolution:

The WhatsApp group for fans of fermentation is growing with more fermenters being added at each market I attend. If you are keen to learn and up for sharing your fermenting experiences, text me your phone number and you'll soon be on the journey with us! (07515493402).

> St Lucian Sea Moss Gel: we are starting to get some great feedback from our customers about the Fresh & Blessed Sea Moss Gel that's now available on my stall at markets. Made in Cardiff, it helps to improve thyroid health, energy levels and to clear mucus - it's also full of minerals and amazing for libido too!

> Food & Drink Festival and Music Festival season: we had a fantastic time at Cowbridge Food & Drink Festival and the Blue Lagoon Festival. Next we will have the water kefir at Coedfest (mid June) and Bridgend Country Show (in July).

> Absorb T- Shirts: We had some great feedback at the festivals! The T-Shirts are bursting with colour and available at markets or online. The design is from an original watercolour by my cousin Brigitte, in France.

> Drinking Water Kefir for better health: If you want to drink it regularly to support your health journey, there are 2 money-saving options available:

  • Join our subscription scheme by filling in this document and emailing it back to us completed ( *.

  • Learn how to make it yourself and acquire some grains - we can teach you all you need to know and provide a recipe!

*We deliver all around Cardiff and surrounding area - and further afield (see below).

> Talks to Spread the Health:

We are looking for spaces to run 1 hour free talks about Health around South Wales and welcome collaborations with retreats, foodies, chefs, yoga centres, hubs, share knowledge for better natural health... and to play a part in reducing the strain on the NHS. If you know of any interested people or places, please do get in touch. The Wild Oats tasting session went very well in Bristol and we had to deliver extra for the following week! Next we will have a session in June at Forage Farm Shop & Kitchen in Cowbridge.

> Grouped Deliveries outside of Cardiff: We have 2 separate delivery runs each month that go east of Cardiff one week and west of Cardiff on the other. Please get in touch if you live in the areas detailed below and want a Water Kefir delivery:

  • Gower, Mumbles, Swansea, Swansea Valleys to Ystradgynlais: Next run is July 6th

  • Newport, Monmouthshire and Bristol: Sat 29th of June, 27th July

WORKSHOPS and Talks:

Workshops and Talks on Fermentation and Digestive Health.

More planned through the year.

Please check my calendar for the latest updates on which markets I'll be attending in the next couple of months and links to workshops (some will be updated later)!


Rhubarb and Red Fruits, refreshing and detoxifying, we are using our allotment's rhubarb and Paul's organic's - the red fruits are a mix of raspberries and sour cherries (freeze dried). It has been very popular served from our barrels too!

Do your bit for the environment and remember to return your empty bottles and sauerkraut jars - reusing is much better than recycling!

Happy Summer Solstice!

Looking for Absorb products?

Local markets and where to collect, check out my calendar:

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