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January 2022 – Time Traveller

LATEST Inspirations:

Over the festive period I've had time to reflect on the many changes that have happened in my own life during 2021. This, in turn, has led me to consider what it actually means to enter a new year.

Having studied naturopathy since 2014 and since becoming more and more in tune with both moon and seasonal cycles, I really noticed a particular emptiness at the turn of this new year in that my mind was not quite feeling ready for a fresh new start!

While reflecting, and as if by magic, I began reading the book "Actually Magic" by Kate Magic, which, in one chapter, perhaps explained my lack of enthusiasm as the clock struck midnight on new year's eve.

In her chapter on TIME, I read how many calendars in the past, including our own, never started their new year on the 1st of January. Did you know that our current calendar came into force in 1583? Does this have anything to do with why so many of us find January and February a bit of a struggle, as from the Winter Solstice, we are still in a mode of hibernation where ideas and creativity are still buried in the cold earth?

The same could also be applied when considering DAYS - why do we start a new day at midnight, when the majority of us are actually asleep?! How about a day that actually started a dawn, where months follow the lunar cycles and the years begin with the Spring Equinox?

Being in tune with that natural 'inner time' of yours will make you much more connected to the natural flow of life, and where possible, will allow you to free yourself from the demands of the ticking man-made clock that seems to rule our lives. Holidays are a great time to take a holiday from the clock... perhaps that's why we enjoy them so much?!

My mantra for this month is:

  • I do not need to compare myself to others or feel like I have to keep up with anyone or anything.

  • I trust my own timeline.

LATEST discoveries and Tips:

One of the best things I did before Christmas, was to order those frozen vegan mushroom rolls from Earthly caterers! They were so lush to have as a snack or a starter for our festive meals. If you find yourself stuck with what to cook, just bang them in the oven for 25 minutes, they are so flavoursome with a lovely salad and sauerkraut on the side!

This month, keep your levels of Vitamin D and sleep high to ensure you remain in a positive frame of mind. Skin brushing before your shower, hot and cold showers and tapping your thymus gland (around the heart area) are all great to boost immunity and stimulate the lymphatic system, as well as cold water swimming!

January is a great opportunity to carry on our hibernation process with good hydration, that includes avoiding inflammatory foods and drinks like alcohol and sugar. Why not take water kefir regularly, we advise 125ml daily, away from digestion for the best results.

Looking for Absorb products?

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