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February 2021 – LOVE & LIGHT!

February is the month of LOVE and LIGHT, there are little signs of spring starting to come through, notice:

- the birds singing differently

- the light is feeling warmer and being around longer

- the crocuses and snow drops in the grounds!

Nature is here to show us the way to awakening!

When you feel caught into a negative pattern or thought, why not try this:


- NOTICE your feelings and the sensations in your body and

- FOCUS on your breath



Do you want to carry on with that pattern or thought?

OR, just acknowledge it and move on to something more joyful that will bring you to appreciate your life experience?

My motto for this month is:




This month hydration still needs to remain high on the list as we need to keep watering the seed that will be sprouting at spring time! Also februa in Latin means to cleanse, so it is the month to purify your self and water is your best ally for that! So if you don’t like the idea of cold water go for herbal teas and lukewarm water. Hot and cold showers or going for a dip in the sea or a lake are also great ways of cleansing and purifying your body and mind!

For these cold snowy days, I have been making this great and potent hot shot recipe to which I add kefir or hot water, it's such a great winter warmer and anti inflammatory!

It's called Jamu Juice:

4 turmeric roots 200 grams of fresh ginger root 1 lemon 1 orange sprinkle of black pepper 1 litre of coconut water or spring water

Wizz it all through a blender and then sieve it. I like to sweeten it with a few drops of vanilla stevia! Keep for a week in the fridge and use as needed. A shot a day will keep your body soothed for the day!

Keep boosting your immune system with:

- Vit C

- Zinc

- Vit D

- fermented foods and drinks

I have a new kraut available from this month on called Ginger Krautslaw, it's lovely, crunchy with a little sweetness from the carrot and a light kick from the ginger!

But don't forget your purple and blue colored foods. Introducing those purple colored veg like purple potatoes and sweet potatoes, purple carrots and kale, black/ wild rice, red cabbage are great for this season, purple veg mean they contain a higher level of antioxidants, which boosts our immunity! Elderberry, Hibiscus and Juniper berry are still on the menu of my flavour of the month kefir!

Have a happy, loving month full of light!

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