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August 2020 - Boost your vitamin G!

You will be asking: what is Vitamin G? 


Gratitude is known to reduce stress, improve physical health, relationships, sleep, and self-esteem, help you stay optimistic and reach your goals in life.

It is so easy to take things for granted, especially when you have good health, a roof over your head, and food on your plate. It’s often not until something essential is taken away from you that you panic and realise how grateful you should have been for what you had, no matter how basic it seems.

Gratitude is the single most powerful source of happiness and inspiration that you can tune into, simply by stopping and paying attention to the beauty of small things.

Why not bring more gratitude into your life?

Create a daily routine either before going to bed or first thing in the morning. In your head or in a diary, list 3 things that you are grateful for, even if you had a bad day, you can be grateful that you are able to breathe, that you have a roof over your head, just very simple things to remind us that it is not that bad!

I hope you are enjoying the great summer weather, not forgetting to hyd

rate and get plenty of greens and fresh fruits into your diet!

This time is a time to let go but also to declutter our lives, make things simpler in both our heads and our environment!

In our heads, creating space through meditation and quiet times, connecting with nature.

In our environment, getting rid of what does not serve us, certain relationships

Clearing our gut also helps clearing our heads via intermittent fasting, adding fermented foods in our diets, green juicing!


These are now going well with all the social distancing well in place!

  • Roath Real Food Market – 2nd Saturday of the month: 08.08 and 12.09

  • Cowbridge Farmer’s Market – 1st and 3rd Sat of the month 01.08/ 15.08 and 19.09

  • Rhiwbina – Friday 21.08

Local deliveries are still available:

Flavour of the month is not available for this month as Absorb will be closed from 22.08 until 06.09.


We all need a little rest and Absorb will be closed from 22.08 until 06.09, so make sure you stock up before the date and give absorb a few days notice. For those on subscription please do get in touch to have your bottles in advance!

Monthly subscriptions:

You can also pay a Monthly subscription and receive your monthly supply of 2 times 3 bottles, please inbox me for more details:

Please also check for naturopathic nutrition coaching to add on top of your water kefir subscription, it’s a great way to improve your lifestyle for a better health long term, you will need to have a Naturopathic Nutrition assessment before starting it though.

Where to get ABSORB KEFIR:

  • You can add kefir to your Blaencamel Veg box!!

  • You can add kefir to your MADE Veg box in Roath

  • Kind Earth, Llanelli

  • V Hub in Swansea

  • Iechyd da, Whitchurch are stocking up! You can pre-order big bottles with them too!


Please check the page below, there is a £5 off from any package for any new customer! Get in touch if you are looking for a good supplements supplier or a naturopath:

Be the light!

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