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June 2020 - Are you in the mood?

Things are starting to ease up a bit and I hope you are all keeping well! I am really hoping we will start to see some of our Cardiff markets reopening. There is nothing nicer than being out on the markets meeting and seeing people, smiling, chatting about our products and enjoying the fresh air!

June is the month for the next seasonal change from Spring to Summer, we have been very lucky to have enjoyed great weather in the last weeks and hopefully it will carry on the in the summer days.

Summer is the element of Fire, red is the color, joy is the mood! We enjoy red fruits that are coming in season now like strawberries, cherries. Keep Juicing to nourish the fire energy, ginger can be very helpful in juices too!

We need to look after our heart and thymus gland this is where we store our vitamin C and where our T-Cells develop to increase our immunity: breathing, tapping on the area, expanding the area through yoga boosts the thymus gland. Hot and cold showers are also very boosting for this gland as well as the whole lymphatic system.

Keep your mood uplifted:

No matter how bad things may seem, there is always a bright side that we can tap into.

Use some positive psychology is a good way to focus on your strengths and feel empowered.

You can try some of these questions to lift up you and notice if there was a difference in your mood.

1. During the past week, when did I feel most energized? What strengths was I using?

2. Who do I admire or respect? What are this person’s greatest strengths? Do I share any of these strengths?

3. Often we are blind to our own strengths so you can ask yourself: What would others say about me? What strengths or positive qualities would they say I have?

4. Which part of my life have I felt successful (not money or status but a deep sense of fulfillment)? What about myself has allowed me to be successful in this part?

Write your answers on a post it and stick it where you can see it. On your off days have a read and spend some time reliving those moments. It’s a simple reminder that can uplift your mood in an instant!

On top of a wet and green diet, keep going with your intake of:

  • Vitamin C - A minimum of 2000 to 3000 mg a day to take with meals.

  • Zinc 15 - 45 mg daily

  • Vitamin D I usually I recommend a thousand iu daily but in the current situation up to 4000iu will be helpful.

Contact me if you are looking for a good supplier or a naturopath

Remember fear is the opposite of light and love!

Stay healthy and safe, lift up your mood and keep your tummies happy, shop locally and ethically!

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