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Newsletter April 2020

RE: April 2020 Newsletter

Here comes April and I can’t believe the changes that have happened in society in the space of one month! We are all locked down and having to use our own coping mechanisms. The good thing is that there is plenty of information out there, but it can also be very overwhelming!

I thought I’d share some helpful tips for you to sail safely through these current difficult times.

First of all let’s not forget that we are also going through a seasonal change from winter to spring and that our bodies will naturally detoxify (Liver energy). So a lot of clearing does happen as well as the normal seasonal flu and allergies start raising.

Do not fear that it can be the C19V (this is how I call it!). T

he most important is that you ask yourselves, is my terrain strong enough to cope with all of this? How can I support it to the best of my abilities? Because if you do, you CAN cope with anything, whether it’s a clearing, a detox, a virus, do not fear but TRUST that you can take it and that it WILL PASS! And if you are struggling, a naturopath can give you all the support you need and guide you in the right direction! Available on skype/ whatsapp/ zoom/ messenger

· First of all, we really must stay hydrated so that whatever our body wants to get rid of, can move quickly out of us. Hydration means a minimum of 4 pints of filtered water daily (on top of other warm drinks you may have) but also enough good quality fat especially omega 3 and minerals like magnesium. You can pick up good quality fats from avocados and nuts and seeds, but mainly flax chia and walnuts and magnesium from dark leafy greens and nettles.

· Stay as alkaline as possible: avoid acid forming, inflammatory foods and fill up on the alkalizing kind. Think green!! there are a lot of veg box schemes around! Juicing is a great way to stay alkaline as well as green smoothies and steamed veg. There are plenty of celery, spinach, fennel, these are all great to juice with lemon, an apple and either coriander or parsley. Add salads to your meals and do some sprouting with chick peas, lentils, mung beans…these are so rich in minerals and proteins! Dehydrating and inflammatory foods are: caffeine, alcohol, sugar, gluten, processed foods, red meat! So reduce those as much as possible!

· Increase antioxidants to boost immunity. Using raw vegetables will help but we need at times like this to supplement wisely:

- Vitamin C - A minimum of 2000 to 3000 mg a day to take with meals.

- Zinc 15 - 45 mg daily

- Vitamin D I usually I recommend a thousand iu daily but in the current situation up to 4000iu will be helpful.

Contact me if you are looking for a good supplier

· Other immune-boosting foods and drinks are also: medicinal mushrooms like Reishi, Ginger with lemon and apple cider vinegar as a warm tea (sip all day), Spirulina, don’t forget the fermented foods and drinks to keep your gut bacteria healthy…you know where to go on that one!

· Reducing stress and anxiety with good sleep, breathing exercises, yoga and meditation. Make sure you get plenty of fresh air and exercise as well and connect with yourselves and friends, family….we are all in this together!


As you know, the local markets are currently off, but you can order your kefir and kraut via my website with a small delivery charge or if you are on a monthly subscription, we can make arrangements for delivery.

Also Markets are working on creating a virtual Market Hub, that hopefully will be live very soon!

Flavour of the month for the spring is now a refreshing, detoxifying, green combination of Lime, Lemongrass, nettle and Spirulina

EVENTS/ Workshops

I am currently working on creating Fermentation and Naturopathy tips/ demos series on Zoom and this should come up in a couple of week’s time! So watch you space!

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