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December 2020 – Merry Belly Christmas!

The art of eating and drinking mindfully!

Eating and drinking mindfully helps pace ourselves and absorb nutrients in a more efficient manner while:

- Taking time to taste flavours and appreciate the experience

- Being grateful for the gift nature has provided us with

- Choosing a product to consume that is ethical and is as natural as possible

This is my motto for this month:

I learn moderation and I am in tune with what serves my body, mind and soul;

I connect with nature externally as well as internally.

For me, fermented foods and drinks are the link to that connection as we assimilate a variety of healthy bacteria coming from nature; we populate our internal microbiome for an improved state of being not just nutritionally but also on a vibrational level.

Have a check on that live video to see how you can introduce more fermented foods and drinks over the festive season –

As the days get shorter, until the equinox on 21st of December, and we switch from Autumn to Winter, so are the elements switching from metal to water. Because we are often cold, we tend to forget to stay hydrated, that is drinking at least 4 pints of quality water per day! Bladder and kidney issues tend to arise because of the lack of hydration in our bodies.

Water kefir is a great drink to keep our hydration on the menu!

It is also a season of purple and blue colors. Introducing those purple colored veg like Purple potatoes and sweet potatoes, purple carrots and kale, black/ wild rice, red cabbage are great for this season, purple veg mean they contain a higher level of antioxidants, which boosts our immunity! Check out my sauer kraut recipe with red cabbage here.

We still need to watch your moods and energy levels and keep vitamin D levels, magnesium and fresh air up!

It’s a time were things do slow down and it is fine to let things go and to pace ourselves with less expectations. Sleep is crucial as well as having more comforting foods like soups, stews and root veg!

Have a wonderful Christmas and remember a merry belly is not just for Christmas!

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